Quality Residential Care for Disabled Children
PBO #:930026059 / NPO #:045-541
3 Bridgewater Street, Somerset West
+27 21 851 0908
The organisation was founded in May 2005
Formally registered as an NPO under the name,
Little Angels Care & Rehabilitation Centre for Physically & Mentally Challenged Children
TYPES OF DISABILITIES.::. Cerebral Palsy (CP)  .::.  Microcephaly .::. Epilepsy .::. Hydrocephalus .::. Spina Bifida .::. Allan Herndon Dudley Syndrome .::.We provide expert and special residential 24/7 care to 16 physically and intellectually disabled children in the Helderberg area. We continuously strive to provide these children a home that is safe, secure and protected and take pride in meeting the special needs of each individual child to enable them to reach their own unique potential. This can only be achieved through the dedication and passion of our amazing staff. To the children they are so much more than just care workers, they become their mothers in the process, for many the only mother they know. For our employees this is so much more than just a job, it is a vocation.

We believe that any organisation, no matter if it is an NPO or a corporate need to look after and care for the biggest asset of any organisation − the employees.

As part of this we believe that the growth and development of our staff is critical to enable and equip them with what they need so that they can give our children the best care they need. 
As an NPO we remain dependant on funding and donations from individuals, private organisations and philanthropic institutions to achieve our goals and objectives.The Board has identified three critical projects for the next twelve months which we will focus on in the coming issues.