Saving children for more than 100 years
Sally-Jay StrongWe spoke to Hiten Keshave, CEO of Jo'burg Child Welfare about what they are doing for South Africa’s abused and abandoned youth around Gauteng and how we can help to make a difference.
In operation for more than 100 years, these people are driven by a singular, powerful force –– Love.
Overcoming near impossible odds, to become a steadfast and strong entity in defence of our most vulnerable, our children. They have worked hard to develop integrated networks of service providers and volunteers in order to form an holistic structure whereby the children are cared for and their needs are met in a loving and supportive environment.
It is their heartbreaking task to receive these little souls, often in the most desperate of conditions and in dire need of love and acceptance.
From newborns to about 12yrs old (and often until adulthood) these children become part of the South African (integrated and holistic) Child Welfare system. One of our most important and valuable entities, yet still severely underfunded and insufficiently supported. They just about move heaven and earth to change the world for the better ever single day. They have created a full eco-system whereby they even provide training for dealing gently and effectively with abandoned or abused children right from the bottom and throughout the process.

Jo'burg Child Welfare has 3 centres in Gauteng, housing children on the premises or getting them to specialised care facilitators should it be required. 
  1. Princess Alice – Westcliff
  2. Othandweni – Soweto
  3. Masibambisani – Eldorado Park
Going above and beyond “the call of duty” each day, these unsung heroes need YOUR help now. The global pandemic has put even more strain on the entire system and it is now time to really reach out.
As individuals, we can all donate a toy, blanket, can of food, old clothes, books, etc … even some money, if we have any to spare, but please bare in mind that it shouldn’t be done and forgotten.
This is their life, every day, and every day we should strive to make the world a more caring conscious place too. We challenge people reading this to open their hearts and help a child today and every day.

If you would like to foster or adopt a child, the vetting process is time-consuming and vigorous, but will change your world and the life of a child.

What they need most right now is support. Jo'burg Child Welfare would like to CHALLENGE local businesses to become part of their network.

 Show your support by pledging food, clothing or money to reach their financial targets, or by incorporating your valuable services into their integrated network of valuable providers.
We are heeding their call and challenge YOUR business to donate just R500 to their cause every month and save a child for life.

Whether the donation is financial or through goods or services, make a commitment to change the world.