PAWS ON PATROLAustin MpandawanaMy Top Picks For A Jaunt With Your Poodle In The Western Cape.
Prima facie evidence shows that Capetonians love the outdoors and they love taking their dogs with them too. As was noted by Yasantha Naidoo on 1 May 2020, when the hard level five lockdown was lifted.
‘They came on foot, walking with canes and dogs, wearing brightly coloured running shoes, on skateboards and bicycles.’
Their enthusiasm made headlines across South Africa. One can imagine that few are more pleased with the freedom to continue outdoor activities than Capetonians and their canine companions. Though the question remains, just exactly where can one take their dog for a special time out?

To answer this question, I have picked some spots that fit one or more criteria which, according to SURE Petcare 2 can be regarded as important to dogs and their owners when it comes to having a jaunt. These criteria include things like a space where the dogs can explore, a place where they are likely to meet up with other dogs or an area with sufficient space for extended walking or jogging, just to mention a few. 
My first recommendation is Radloff Park in Somerset West. With its beautiful, shaded walkways, trickling streams and rolling mountain backdrop, this park is a dog trail paradise. There is no question about the popularity of this park which boasts a Facebook following of 3700 members3. At this stage I can only urge you to experience it in the flesh by yourself.
Tucked in between the Cape Town city centre and northern border of the Table Mountain National Park, lies an ancient gem. The De Waal Park has been renowned for its calm ambience since the 1950s4. With a dedicated online following, the park is a favoured location for jogging with your dogs. 
My next pick is Leadville Dog Park in Sunningdale. This park is well known for the special care given to dogs and is a great choice for your dog’s social development. Not only that, but you can also take advantage of their classy dog parlour and help yourself to a fresh percolated coffee in the process.
It would be a crime not to include a beach side spot on this list and for that, I have chosen Pelikan Park near Muizenberg. There can scarcely be a better combination of blue horizons, shimmering sand and ocean breezes which you can share with your dog. You will have a hard time convincing your poodle to go home.
There are a number of other suitable spots which include Tygerberg Nature Reserve in Tyger Valley, Jack Muller Park in Belleville, Wynberg Park in Wynberg, Radley’s Dog Park in Deudrif, Keurboom Park and Maynardville Park.
All these have one or more of the qualities I have alluded to which make for a great time out with your dog. So please make the most of these glorious spots and be sure to capture the moments!