Rivers End Farm StanfordIn the heart of the Overberg just inland of False Bay on the banks of the of the Klein River is where you will find the quaint village of Stanford.
Founded in 1857 the town was named after Sir Robert Stanford who was the owner of the original farm. The beautifully preserved and renovated Cape Victorian and Edwardian styled houses and buildings showcase the rich history of the area and in 1992 the entire village was declared a heritage site.
Some of Stanford's top attractions include river cruises on the Klein River, bird watching, kayaking, and tasting beer and wine at local wineries and the Birkenhead Brewery. The village is also noted for its small group of culinary artists who work to increase the availability of fresh, organic, and sustainably grown produce for the community and their locally produced and sourced products can be purchased at morning markets.

On the outskirts of this unique and tranquil village is where you will find Rivers End Farm Stanford.

On the front end of the farm, you find the estuary which is a bird lovers paradise while to the rear of the farm you have unrivalled views of the 160 hectares of unspoiled fynbos.

There is a 17km long shoreline that surrounds Cape Nature Walker Bay, and the beach is within 5km of the log cabins. The town of Stanford is just 30 minutes from the seaside town of Hermanus, making it the perfect getaway destination and the picturesque sandy white beaches and limestone outcrops create an excellent backdrop for photography and filming.
The farm currently has a beautiful, fully equipped log cabin which accommodates 4 adults and 4 children, and the self-catering Black Eagle Bus provides a truly memorable experience with a view of the estuary and its Flamingos. Since the farm takes up the biggest part of the vlei, the desire to keep it wild and unspoiled led to extra investment for renewable energy and borehole water which creates a peaceful and echo friendly setting. In line with this, prior arrangements can be made for larger groups and eco-camping. The main objective is to expand to include a venue for events and plans are currently underway for additional power and water supply.

From fishing and canoeing to hiking and bird watching or simply taking in the sights and sounds, there is something for everyone on Rivers End Farm Stanford. It’s a place to relax and renew and re-connect with nature.

Johannes Van Niekerk, co-owner of Rivers end Farm said “The wildness of the farm is the most important part. One moment you’re at the vlei and you see the lagoon, you see the mountains and then you go to the back of the farm, and you have a view that extends from the Walker Bay Nature Reserve which is about 17 kilometres of fynbos, through to Gaansbaai, Hermanus and the mountain. From campers to cabin guests and overnighters in the bus, we wanted to create something cost-effective and special at Rivers End that everyone can enjoy”.

From spending quality time with friends and family, sharing lazy lunches in breath-taking surroundings, or exploring the spoils that nature has to offer, Rivers End Farm Stanford is the promise that though you may arrive as a guest, you will undoubtedly leave as a friend.
For more information on Rivers End Farm visit: https://riversendfarmstanford.com/