STARS IN THEIR EYESPet Influencers – DogsShaun ZietsmanLong gone are the days when pets are merely viewed as a separate part of the household.
Pets of all kinds form part of your family and 'family' means no one gets left behind.
With the influx of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, social media users have decided to also start including their furry little friends, and in return have created a popular niche that has become known as Pet Influencers.
This is not only appealing to 'pet parents' but also to so many others that might just love the sight of a friendly pooch having the time of his life with his human parents. A great example of a pupper that lives his best life can be seen on the social channels of Tucker Budzyn, a Golden Retriever that accumulated just over 4.37 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
Tucker loves the camera and his owner loves him! His videos reach millions of views easily with hilarious 'pup' sketched humour. He does doggy food reviews with other guest stars, goes on great escapades with his friends, and sets you up for a guaranteed great time watching his videos. Heck, he even has his own YouTooz collectible action figure!
But Tucker is not the only dog pet influencer making barking waves across social media. One of the most famous dogs ever is actually a little Pomeranian pup named Jiff from Los Angeles, California!
Jiff has over 28 million followers across all social media channels. Jiff not only has a book deal, a calendar, and an online store, he also currently holds the title at Guinness World Records, for the fastest dog on two paws! The Fastest 10m on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and Fastest 5m on front paws (7.76 seconds).

Oh, and if you think you might recognise Jiff from somewhere else... you are right! He had a starring role in a Katy Perry music video for her song Dark Horse. 
With his unmatched growth on social media especially Instagram, Jiff is truly a celebrated pet influencer that reached ultimate success.
Pet ownership comes with many perks, firstly unconditional love from your furry companions but also a loyal friend. With the rise of pet influencers on social media comes a whole new territory of financial freedom. This industry is booming and with it, many people are making tens of thousands of rands from creating content for brands, through partnerships with pet food companies to fashion labels.

Pet influencers have the crowd, have the appeal, and have the backing from the youngest kid browsing with their parent to the wise older folks liking every photo that they can possibly find. The marketability is there and it isn't going away anytime soon.

With our millennial and generation Z folk barely scraping by these days, the likeability of having pets over children has become far more favourable. I mean, who wouldn't want to have someone that is loyal, honest, obedient, faithful, cuddly, forgiving, empathetic, and service-oriented? Plus making a few bucks for the bank for just being adorable?
You must be Barking mad if you don't think that's a good idea!