Woodrock Animal RescueNPO 103-156 | PBO 930048323Woodrock Animal Rescue was founded in 1992 by Nicholas and Estelle Meldau, whose focus, passion and drive made their animal rescue vision a reality. Photo: First For WomenWe are one of the oldest, independent, non-profit domestic animal rescue centres in South Africa. The rescue centre originated in the suburban areas of Woodmead and Khyber Rock and is now based on 8.5 hectares in the beautiful Hennops River Valley in rural Pretoria. We have approximately 350 animals in our care at any given time.

Woodrock Animal Rescue endeavours to assist homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted animals.

We are the voice for those who do not have their own.
Woodrock Animal Rescue has a Right to Life policy whereby all steps are taken to rehabilitate animals in our care and find them homes suitable for their temperament. We have happy, warm enclosures that ensure we provide each rescue with the best opportunity for a second chance at a life they deserve.

We aim to make a lasting change within our local communities through education in animal welfare, correct nutrition and assisting with sterilisations.
Woodrock Animal Rescue run some incredible campaigns, namely:
  1. Adoption and/or fostering
  2. Volunteer your time − Woodrock Warriors
  3. Sponsorship of a kennel (the perfect gift of love)
  4. Will and estates
  5. 3 PUP POP-UP's in alternative convenient locations where adoptees can meet their potential perfect pet
  6. A charity shop for additional income which is directly channelled into the rescue centre
  7. Several social media pages containing hopes and happenings
  8. Local education on pet care
  9. On-site sterilisation clinic for Woodrock rescues and animals within the immediate community (either at a reduced rate or free of charge)
  10. Grooming service
  11. Training should it be required
  12. A beautiful cattery offering a feral feeding scheme, medical care and inoculations
  13. Regular dental care
Taking ACTA NON VERBA to new heights
Rescue  Rehome  Rehabilitate