BEST TECH TOYS FOR TRAINING YOUR FURRY FRIENDSTlotlego MokgaleTraining your pet can be a strenuous process for both fur-parent and fur-baby. It requires a lot of time, patience and… treats!
Lucky for us, we live in a technologically advanced world so, naturally, we went out and found the best tech and toys that were created to make your pet training a little easier…

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your pet could simply tell you what they want? Unbelievably, that’s now possible! Thanks to speech therapist and Hunger for Words creator, Christina Hunger, your Animal companion can now communicate with us using “assistive technology for language acquisition” or AKA talking buttons.

The buttons have built in microphones where you can record commands like “Outside” and “Walk”. Teach these commands to your fluffy friend and pretty soon they’ll be able to tell you what they want.

The great thing about this product is that it has been tried and tested on both dogs AND cats! With this and other brands on the market, we’re hoping the buttons will include a wider array of pets, soon. 
Car Etiquette
If your fur-baby likes sticking out their heads on your car rides then you’ve probably worried about whether they’ll try to jump out or not. Luckily this next, oldie but goldie, piece on technology will not only assist in teaching your dog some good car etiquette, but it will also keep them safe if the excitement of a fun ride tries to overtake them. Yup, it’s the doggie leash seatbelts - my favourites are definitely the retractable selections on offer!
If you have a high energy pet that just won’t let you take a break from all the fun training, then this next product is for you. Playology have doggie toys that are embedded with what they call Encapsiscent Technology™. This means that the toys emit an all-natural scent that keeps your pup preoccupied while you rest or work. Scents include peanut butter, sweet potato and pork sausage…to name just a few!
The next product has had mixed and controversial reviews. It is endorsed by dog trainers but frowned upon by most pet owners. Electrical dog collars allow the owner to send signals, from a wireless receiver to the dog’s collar, in the form of tiny shocks. This is mostly for temperamental and disobedient dogs. It is also good for teaching your dog boundaries like not leaving the yard parameters. If you can teach these lessons without the collar, I would recommend you do, however, with the guidance of a compassionate trainer, you can use it as a starting point if the animal has become dangerous. 
Positive Reinforcement
Enforce your pet’s training, while you’re at work, by getting a dog camera with a built-in treat dispenser. The great thing about these devices is that the cameras are usually two-way and they contain microphones and speakers so…you can give out instructions and if your little buddy follows them, you can give them a treat for being good with the press of a button! 
All of these products are now available online, with new inventions and technologies becoming available to us everyday. From lick pads to dog nose fingerprint apps, there’s a lot of technology being developed for our furry friends. Be sure to visit our site regularly to keep up.