THE GIFT OF GIVINGTami HawkerAs long as human civilisations have existed, so has the act of giving, not only to those in need, but also to anyone as a gesture of kindness or love. People all over the world and throughout human societies have had many reasons to gift one another. We will explore the opportunities that exist within our local communities for us to extend the giving hand to those who need it the most.
As we all should be undeniably aware, as the global pandemic continues to cause devastation to our livelihoods, we as communities need to be more united than ever.
We all have a vested interest in our mutual survival as we all need each other to continue to prosper and strive as individuals, amongst those people are the residents of Eldorado Park. A city that resides within Soweto with a strong sense of unity and solidarity, they have created the “Love one Feed one” initiative.

The Love One Feed One initiative is a non-profit mission. This group of extraordinary people has set out to provide cooked meals, clothing and other necessities to the disadvantaged people within their community. The majority of the volunteers are working class professionals from within the community. They offer and provide the underprivileged with skills development, mentorship and friendship amongst other humane acts.

It stems from the belief that society creates itself, if we want a safe, happy and productive community, then it is up to its’ members to make that happen. If you have spare food, feed someone; if you have a skill then teach someone that skill, you have given a human a chance that they never had before; when love is shared it takes nothing from the giver, diminishes nothing, yet compounds exponentially to change someone’s world for the better.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating though, and what a tasty meal for the soul!
It is evident everywhere you look in Eldorado Park these days, that the social landscape is indeed changing. No longer do you see dejected “throw away” people with no hope and little humanity, now you see people striving together. You see compassion and kindness in the eyes of the folks that live here and can almost feel the warm of their smiles. The difference is noticeable too in the state of the grounds - no more is there litter everywhere underfoot, as the whole community now has a certain pride that wasn’t there before. A pride that stems from embracing, helping, sharing and uplifting those less fortunate members of their society and changing the whole paradigm with just a little love.
As someone once said: “You’ve got to give a little love, have a little faith, make this world a little better. Try a little more, harder than before, let’s do what we can do together!
Try a little more, harder than before - let’s do what we can do together! We can really make it better, only if we try”